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Friends of Woodcock Park by Kenton Grange

Sunita Hirani and John Poole, of Brookfield Crescent, led the local community’s transformation

Brook Way Community Biodiversity Project (BWCBP)

The hatching of a determined plan in local community conversation in December 2020 led to the project team initiating discussions with the local council, London Borough of Brent, in February 2021. Successful bids for NCIL and Love Where You Live funding followed shortly afterwards. Months of dedication and much emotion later, the community space was formally opened by the Mayor in October 2021. The team were awarded a new funding stream in January 2022, and are keen to share tips on making a success of transforming the run down derelict micro-spaces which blight so many areas, not least to take any help that you’re offered and keep communicating with your neighbours, local services, and the council…

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